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Museum of the Earth

Have you ever wanted a brief introduction to the Museum of the Earth including its collections, its behind-the-scenes research institute and its Cornell connection? If yes, look no further! This particular corridor of the Natural History Collections On-Line will tell you all you want to know and a wee bit more.

About Us
In this section, we describe what we do, where we do it and who helps us in doing it, including the Paleontological Research Institution, our founders.
Our Collections
Crustaceans, trilobites and asterozoans, oh my! Find out what resides within the Museum's collctions including who provided them and where they come from.
Our Home
Do you want to know where we live, how to get here and our distance from Cornell's main campus?
Spotlight on PRI
What caused vastly different climates to develop within the same area over time? Who were the initial staff members of PRI? To learn more about the museum and its research, read here.
Have we wetted your appetite for anthropods, mastodons and ammonoids? Link to the Museum of the Earth and its research institute, here.