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Spotlight: Warren Allmon, Director

Upon completing his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth University in 1982 with a major in Earth Sciences followed by a doctoral degree from Harvard’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department in 1988, Warren Allmon eventually migrated to Ithaca, NY in 1992, assuming his position as the fourth director of the Paleontological Research Institute. While currently an adjunct associate professor of Geological Sciences at Cornell University, Allmon oversees both the Paleontological Research Institution and its display space, the Museum of the Earth.  

Hired by the Paleontological Research Institution to reconnect the organization with its academic progenitor, Cornell, Allmon proceeded to oversee the reinstatement of the institutes’ academic affiliation. Additionally, working in conjunction with institute staff members, he oversaw the physical separation of the museum and the research institute, garnered National Science Foundation grants for on-site research, expanded the research institution’s staff from three to twenty, watched the installation of the leased Boyce Thompson Institute exhibit, and developed exhibits which fostered a connection between the arts and the sciences.

Alongside his academic and administrative duties, he continues to develop his scholarly interests. Prior to assuming his lectureship at Cornell University, he served as an assistant professor in Geology at the University of South Florida. His continuing research surrounds biological diversity and the usage of geological record, particularly the “evolution and ecology of Cenozoic mollusks of the Western Atlantic region.” His lead and co-authored articles include publication in Columbia University Press-published anthologies, Science Magazine, Lethaia: An International Journal of Paleontology and Stratigraphy, the Journal of Geology, Geotimes, Paleontological Research Institution, Paleontological Society Papers and, of course, the Paleontological Research Institution. In addition to his texts, Rock of Ages, Sands of Time and The Prehistoric Ocean, published in 2001 and 1996, respectively, he currently remains at work finalizing other publication-accepted articles.

Unsurprisingly, just as his myriad positions of researcher, director and lecturer all surround and converge upon the Paleontological Research Institution, so his studies pull from the monumental collections housed within its walls.


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