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Did You Know?

    About the CUIC
    • Did you know all the specimen drawers laid out could span the length of Schoelkpof field?
    • Did you know that Cornell had an early research relationship with China in the 19th – early 20th century, which extended to the insect collection?
    • Did you know that the CUIC still has the original diaries of its research members?
    • Did you know that the CUIC has a connection with the American Museum of Natural history through its graduate students’ professional affiliation?
    • Did you know that the CUIC was an early version of pest control as researchers and analyzed the influence of pesticides like arsenic on agricultural crops?
    • Did you know the CUIC specimen collection spans 6600 square feet
    • Did you know Comstock Hall, home of the CUIC, was voted ‘ugliest’ in Ithaca by the Ithaca Journal?
    About its Founders
    • Did you know Ana Comstock is the only person on Cornell’s campus to have two buildings named after her – Comstock Hall, shared with her husband, and Ana Comstock Hall, now the residence of the Latino Living Center?
    • Ana Comstock was the first woman faculty member?
    • John Comstock was Cornell’s first Chimes master?
    • Both Comstocks did their undergrad at Cornell before returning to teach?
    • Ana Comstock married her undergraduate Professor?
    • Did you know that Comstock’s allergic reaction to fumigants possibly influenced his desire to create the ‘Cornell Drawer’?
    • Did you know that Comstock was the 1st person on campus to have a phone?
    • Did you know that the Comstocks were the original founders of the CU Press?
    About its Research
    • Professor John Francelement who donated his moth collection was born the day the Titanic died?
    • Did you know that the CUIC still has specimen from 1870
    • Did you know that the British Museum adopted the Cornell categorization system upon hiring a Cornell alumnus?
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