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The Insect Collection's Cornell Location

CUIC's Campus Location | CUIC vs. MOTE | CUIC's Location in Ithaca

CUIC's Cornell Location

Located across from Schoelkopf field yet seated alongside Teagle Hall, the Insect Collection nestles snuggly on the second floor of Comstock Hall within the Department of Entomology. Although the Ithaca Journal dubbed the building's outer shell the least aesthetically pleasing building in Ithaca, we feel that title is ill-deserved :).


If you feel like a drive, a mere 10-14 minute distance exists between Cornell's Campus and the Museum of the Earth. However, if you decide to walk, reserve an hour to traverse the four-five mile separation!

CUIC's Ithacan Location

The department of Entomology possesses two research branches. The first, founded by Comstock in 1874, remains in Comstock Hall on Cornell's campus. However, the second, opened in 1888, resides in Geneva township at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

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