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Cornell Plant Pathology Collection At-a-Glance

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Have you ever watched the movie "Alien" and been thankful creatures don't just grow inside another animal and hatch out?  Well think again, there could be a fungus amungus! Walk down this corridor of the Virtual Natural History Collections and come to learn how the real world very well may be stranger then fiction.

About Us
In this section, we describe what we do, where we do it and who does it.
Our Collections
Fungi of any and all sorts, the weirder the better. And if it is a pathogen to plants--bacteria, viruses, etc.--that's us too! Find out about some highlights of our collections.
Contact Us - Our Home
We don't have public exhibits, but if you want to know where we live, or otherwise reach us, click here.
Featured Articles
To see some highlights of the museum and its research, read here.
Want to know more about plant pathology at Cornell? Curious about fungi? Find links to more resources, here.
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